Robbers hold knife to man's throat

Jay Uren held a knife to a man's throat and stole his watch. Photo: Contributed
Jay Uren held a knife to a man's throat and stole his watch. Photo: Contributed Contributed

A MAN was followed off a train by two attackers who each held a knife to his throat and demanded his watch.

At Ipswich District Court this week, one of the attackers, Jay Michael Uren, pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery in company.

The then 20-year-old and his 16-year-old friend had followed the man as he exited a train near Bellbird Park.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso said Uren and his mate caught up to the man and asked him for the time.

When the man turned away, the pair tried to punch him but missed. As the man tried to escape he tripped on a rock and fell to the ground.

Uren and his mate each held a knife to the victim's throat and demanded his watch.

They then stood on the man's arm and took the watch from him by force.

The victim then got up and ran away as the pair continued to yell threats at him, suggesting they should steal his clothes so he would have to walk home naked.

The robbery took place about 4pm on December 15, last year. Uren was identified on CCTV footage and arrested two days later along with the co-accused teen.

Defence barrister Rick Taylor said Uren had spent about seven months in jail awaiting his sentence.

Mr Taylor said during that time, Uren had tried to rehabilitate himself by taking part in cultural courses and counselling.

He added Uren, now 21, had been a drug user but his time in prison had allowed him to become drug-free.

"My client now has a healthier outlook on life and has become motivated to correct his path," Mr Taylor said.

In sentencing, Judge Sarah Bradley said Uren and his co-accused friend had behaved like "cowardly thugs".

"This sort of thuggish, dishonest and violent behaviour will not be tolerated in the community," she said.

Judge Bradley noted that when Uren robbed the man, he had been on probation as well as a suspended jail term.

She said Uren now had a four-page criminal history that included offences of dishonesty and drug use.

Uren was sentenced to jail for two years and released on parole.

He was held in custody however for other matters to be heard in Beenleigh court at a later date.


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