Martinez 'really paranoid' he was being followed, court hears

Rockhampton man Robert Martinez.
Rockhampton man Robert Martinez. Contributed

TODAY'S SECOND witness called to give evidence in a double homicide case threw out the copies of his five statements he gave to police without reading them.

Adam Moore appeared by video link in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to give evidence in the double murder case against Ian Armstrong and Daniel Hong, who are accused of murdering Robert Martinez and Chantal Barnett in 2013.

Moore first told the court he didn't want to answer questions and asked what would happen if he didn't.

He was simply told to just listen to the questions and answer them.

The prosecutor established, through questioning, that Moore had received copies of the five statements he had given police in 2013 in relation to the disappearance of Mr Martinez and Ms Barnett, but had not read them and threw them out prior to his court appearance.

Next, Hong's defence Barrister Stephen Kissick referred to Moore's first statement where he had talked about being approached by three people called Conlon about a drug debt of Kylie Moore's.

"I only knew one chick of them (Conlon's)," the witness said.

He said he knew her from school, but could not recall the incident where three people got out of a car and approached him about a drug debt.

"You said to the police there were about 10 people in cars and three people got out of them and they approached you looking for Kylie. Do you remember that happening?" Mr Kissick said.

"No," Moore replied.

"They said Kylie had taken them to a house on Berserker St and a Lebo bloke called Rob lived there who drove a white Commodore," Mr Kissick put to the witness who said he didn't recall telling police that.

Mr Kissick asked Moore if he recalled telling police Mr Martinez had been "really paranoid around that time that the Conlons were following him", but Moore said he did not.

1.42pm: THE FIRST witness to take the stand on day four of committal hearing proceedings for accused double murders Ian Armstrong and Daniel Hong repeatedly refused to answer questions.

Armstrong and Hong are accused of murdering Rockhampton friends Robert Martinez and Chantal Barnett in 2013 who were last seen in March.

Hannah Apps appeared by video link in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

Hannah Apps appeared by video link in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
Hannah Apps appeared by video link in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

She immediately continually interrupted proceedings, saying she didn't want to part take in it, or she didn't remember anything.

When questioned by prosecution, Apps said she was high on drugs at the time she gave two statements to police in 2015 - June 13 and August 31.

She admitted she was a drug addict who used heroin daily between the first quarter of 2013 to June 2016.

The court heard Apps was sentenced to a jail term in the Supreme Court for trafficking and still has further trafficking matters before the court.

Hong's defence Barrister Stephen Kissick questioned Apps about her second statement where the court heard she said there were parts of her first statement that were incorrect, because she feared Hong.


Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett.
Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett. Contributed

She replied she didn't fear Hong, because she didn't know him.

However, when questioned about whether police told her they could offer her a deal if she provided a second statement, she said yes, they did.

Proceedings continue.

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