Stephen Wayne Robson.
Stephen Wayne Robson.

Killer not able to enter Rockhampton until 2099

WHAT happens when a convicted criminal is sentenced to life behind bars?

In Queensland, prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment for offences committed after July 1, 1997 must serve a period of 15 years before being eligible for post-prison community based release orders, such as being released to work, home detention or parole.

Post-prison community based release orders are considered by the Queensland Community Corrections Board which is comprised largely of community representatives, to ensure that a strong community perspective is taken in respect of decisions to release a prisoner back into the community.

The board, in making a decision, examines all aspects of a prisoner's case including criminal history, the Judge's sentencing comments and the actions taken by the prisoner to address his or her offending behaviour.

This information is being provided to the community as, on Monday, convicted Rockhampton killer Stephen Wayne Robson was released from the Capricornia Correctional Centre into the Emerald community after serving 15 years of his life sentence for murdering Rockhampton woman Lara Ashcroft.

Many Bulletin readers have shared concerns about Robson's release and the length of his parole period, which was originally reported as being only five years.

Corrected information is that the conditions of Robson's parole include that he can only reside in the Emerald region and he is not to enter the Rockhampton Regional Council or Livingstone Shire Council areas until the year 2099.

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