UNLIKE the Cyclones, who were switched on from tip off and quickly asserted their dominance over Cairns, the reverse was true for the McDonald's Rockhampton Rockets in their game against the Cairns Marlins at Hegvold Stadium on Saturday night.

The Rockets were completely out played from the outset, going down to the Marlins in a tepid display, 83-92. It was arguably their worst performance of the season. It was undoubtedly their worst game at home.

It started well, co-captain Mitch Philp dropping three points but that is where it ended. Quickly Cairns skipped out to an early 14-5 lead and from there they would never be caught. It wasn't clicking for the Rockets and at 5.33 minutes Tweedy called a time out and laid down the law.

"We have come out way too cool here," Tweedy yelled at his players.

And he was right. In sport confidence is king, but over-confidence and complacency are killers. And on their home floor the Rockets were being put to the sword.

The main protagonist was Cairns' Shaun Bruce. The clean cut NBL player was Rockhampton's assassin, slaughtering them with three pointers from all parts of the court and cutting them open decisively to score lay-ups at will. And the Rockets had no answers.

Tension grew on the Rockets bench, Tweedy was frantically pacing the sideline like a man expecting very bad news. And he was getting plenty.

Most notably from his star imports, Chehales Tapscott and Dominic Cheek. They both looked like they had their minds on other things.

Perhaps they did, because they couldn't make their shots and were never in the game, let alone dominant as they so often are.

The Rockets weren't winning the defensive rebounds and they were giving Cairns way too many chances to score.

And that was the simple story of the game. The points dropped for Cairns and so many just didn't drop for the Rockets.

Adding to their woes were uncharacteristic mistakes in defence, as the Rockets leaked points.

Peni Nasalo was quickly bought into the action and he made a difference. But elsewhere his teammates were flat and just didn't have the energy or intensity to match it with the northern visitors, something the coach recognised.

In the second quarter, Tweedy called another time out.

"We've got no energy," he implored his team.

Despite a mini Rockets' resurgence in the third quater the damage was done and the game was dusted.

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