Counsellors on helping women upset by abortion protests

ONE Rockhampton counsellor had a woman so upset by the presence of protestors outside the abortion clinic that she left in tears.

The counsellor, who remained anonymous to protect her clients, said the young woman ended up going out of town to have the procedure instead.

Another said she had seen women grapple with the sheer cost of termination.

"They can be very expensive, I helped a lady pay $748 for a termination, and that was before 12 weeks," she said.

"She did not have the resources to pay for that. I advocated on her behalf and they were able to talk to the clinic to help with the price, and offer a loan to pay for it as well as a grant.

"This particular woman was leaving a domestic violence relationship; this wasn't just an unwanted baby, her welfare was at risk. It is multifaceted and that is what people aren't considering."

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She said the societal stigma associated with termination procedures was still huge, and something society had largely ignored.

"If you choose to terminate a pregnancy, how many people do you think would be open to talk about the loss? Who does she have to talk to about it?," she said.

"It is not the same as losing one to a miscarriage or a stillbirth... a termination is on a whole other level that people are happy to pass judgement on and not talk about in depth.

"And it is really hypocritical when you see men out protesting at clinics... how do they even have the right to talk about that?"

The counsellor said it was tough enough on women to make the decision to terminate without strangers questioning her decision.

"They know it is their only option at this point, its not decided on a coin flip. To be met with opposition and judgement can be so demeaning, it is not a decision anyone makes lightly," she said.

"It is all about choice."

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