A magpie
A magpie Kevin Farmer

Rockhampton magpies discussed by readers

A Rockhampton boy can no longer see properly after a magpie attack .

Fletcher Holliday was on school holidays and riding his bike in a Rockhampton park in September when he was attacked.

The bird shot past him, pulled up, and pecked him in the eye.

Here is what readers had to say on Facebook:

Becky B Bowen If it was a dog that attacked him the dog would be put down....why cant we put magpies down for the same thing?

We cant go out side for 2 months cos the one in the yard is so aggressive!

Elizabeth Winston If it is one rule as in dog attack it should be across the board with all animals.I really think it is stupid that these birds are protected when they can attack people and no consequences. My Eldest Grandson cannot ride his bike around in our yard without being attacked by magpies who do not even live in our yard.It is just ridiculous.

Peter Malick It's nature we had magpies around when we went to school and at our house try feeding them then they protect your yard and won't attack you it's common sense they're protecting there young as would use protect your family and that's the same with dogs as well

Sheena Loeskow Unfortunately common sense doesnt seem to exist anymore.... bubble wrap everything and everything

Hayley Slatter Yes i agreed magpies need to be put down, we have them in our yard i havent taken my son down stairs to play for over 2 months now they are so aggressive 😠

Kayle Thomas It is usually up to landholders to have the aggressive birds removed.

Paul Tyler Lets kill everything - then it will be a safe place - Wake up to yourselves!

Andrea Santana I think relocating savage magpies away from built up areas would be a more humane option

Valarie Hawkins If that happened to my child the bird would be attacked by me ! , I agree Becky they should be put down ..

Jordan Brown The people saying we need to kill the Magpie are the most Cooked C$nts ever.

Chantal Booth Parks will trap and relocate them out bush if you report them.

Hayley Slatter Nope they wont i tried but they wouldnt come and do it

Chantal Booth Wow that sux. Used to. Did it for me 8 years ago.

Becky B Bowen I asked and they sent me to a company that would cost $1000

Chantal Booth That is disgusting.

Amy Rowland Get rid of the magpies

Matt Shields I bet he didn't see that coming

Clino Allomes Good one Matt.

Karyn Hiko-Robinson I hope the lil man makes a full recovery xx

Sophie Fulton Where at?

Aleecea Jade Williams Play tennis with the magpie

Alanna Bowles Sam Bean no wonder why you're scared of them!

Sam Bean Yep. Saw six walking the dawgs this morning.. Can confirm, pooped my pants six times.

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