We asked your by-election candidates about the environment.
We asked your by-election candidates about the environment.

Rockhampton mayoral candidates on the environment

Rockhampton voters will be rich with choice come January 23.

To help electors organise their preferences, we asked mayor hopefuls for a brief outline of their ideas and policies regarding 10 topics of interest.

Over the coming days, The Morning Bulletin will publish their answers.

Any excluded candidates did not respond in time for publication or chose not to comment on the issue at hand.

The third topic is the environment.

Russell Claus

Establish communication forums with interested parties on different issues of environmental concern and establish an aggressive street tree planting program, focusing on overly wide streets and gateway streets (like Gladstone Road and Musgrave Street).

– Recycling: Use less, use it better. Convert more waste materials into products for local use. Establish Rockhampton as a major recycling centre for plastic and tyres and reduce waste shipping to Brisbane.

– EV fleet: Convert Council’s fleet to EV or at least Hybrid as soon as possible, using solar panels to charge the vehicles to substantially reduce annual operating costs.

– Climate Change: Advocate to the State and Federal government to more aggressively transition job opportunities from fossil fuels to renewable energy and other future-based job categories. Expand on our potential in renewable energy to make us the renewable energy capital of Australia (easily done given our abundant sunshine and facilities like Clarke Creek wind farm).

Russell Claus.
Russell Claus.

Leyland Barnett

– Ensure that compliance officers observe of any fire risks throughout our community and enforce clean-ups if necessary, to ensure the safety of all of our residents, wild life and vegetation.

– Encourage the reduction of fuel for bush fires by slow, cool burning methods at opportune times.

– Reduce the use of plastic by using alternates such as cardboard that breaks down in the environment and imposes less risk to the ocean environment.

– Improving the recycling of green waste, plastics, glass and looking into new areas such as tyres.

Leyland Barnett.
Leyland Barnett.

Shane Latcham

– More strategic tree plantings.

– Solar Farm and more solar panels.

– Waterwise strategies.

– Innovation in waste and recycling.

Shane Latcham in 2019.
Shane Latcham in 2019.

Christian Shepherd

– Total rehabilitation of local waterways (Moores Creek, Splitters Creek, expanded control of hyacinth in Fitzroy River).

– Increase pest management efforts (noxious weeds, pest animals) and ensure biosecurity compliance within council boundaries.

– Support Rural Fire Service Queensland with traffic control and vehicle resources to protect region from bushfire threats.

– Identify lands and waterways suitable for wildlife conservation (mainly platypus, koala).

Christian Shepherd.
Christian Shepherd.

Donna Kirkland

– Everything with regard to the environment offers an opportunity to save us money as well as the environment in the long term. I’m happy to support a green organic waste bin as a third disposal resource for households which will help to reduce our landfill.

– We also need to be proactive in delivering educational information to the community, helping everyone to understand the benefits of recycling and the right way to do this to ensure efforts are rewarded with cost-saving outcomes and a better environment.

– Reducing costs is also achievable through the continued rollout of our solar panels program. Solar powered council facilities can reduce councils electricity costs saving rate payers dollars. There are currently factories working on ways to recycle these solar panels. Let’s support local business innovation and encourage ideas in this space.

– Sustainability supports the pillars of growth, security, safety and community. I support sustainability and ways we can improve.

Donna Kirkland.
Donna Kirkland.

Cherie Rutherford

– Implement an expanded tree planting program and continued beautification of public areas to create a cooler more sustainable environment.

– Continue to investigate opportunities to renewable energy to reduce council energy costs.

Cherie Rutherford.
Cherie Rutherford.

Christopher Davies

– Work towards reducing the councils carbon footprint.

– Continue to support development of our environment’s sustainability for the long term.

– Educate and provide the tools to help the community reduce its waste and recycling.

Christopher Davies.
Christopher Davies.

John Rewald

– Continue to look after our waterways and as a council be an example in any

environment matter.

– Continue to educate our community around recycling and look for new ways

to minimise waste.

– Go green with the development of electric charging stations for cars/buses. To be known as a city developing this technology for personal and council use.

– Make sure solar is used as much as possible for any commercial buildings or

pumping stations within council. The savings commercially are very attractive after three years.

John Rewald.
John Rewald.

Miranda Broadbent

– Provide green waste and organics (FOGO) bin to residents.

– Incentivise local recycling with view to industry creation and development of upcycle industry.

– Promote and support emissions reduction and renewable energy focus and waste reduction at the council.

– Encourage/enable cycle to work with lockable bike storage and end of journey facilities.

Miranda Broadbent.
Miranda Broadbent.

Chris (Pineapple) Hooper

– Not much in the council happening about real environmental issues. A shame.

Chris Hooper.
Chris Hooper.

Nyree Johnson

– I support Council’s current environment agenda as set out in the Environment Sustainability

Strategy 2018-22.

– I’m happy to support any additional initiatives that reduce Council’s impact on the

environment, provided they can demonstrate a saving to ratepayers and don’t put upward

pressure on rates.

Nyree Johnson.
Nyree Johnson.

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