Rocky teen high on ice 'throws himself in front of car'

Adam Joseph Hopkins was high on ice when he rolled on top of a motorists car when the vehicle stopped to give way to him walking across the road.
Adam Joseph Hopkins was high on ice when he rolled on top of a motorists car when the vehicle stopped to give way to him walking across the road. Facebook

ADAM Joseph Hopkins was high on ice when he rolled on top of a motorist's car when the vehicle stopped to give way to him walking across the road.

He then went to try and pull a fence paling out of the ground, swearing and yelling abuse at the same time, until witnesses intervened.

Hopkins, 17, pleaded guilty to 12 charges in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on October 13, including charges in relation to the time he went to Life Without Barriers with his girlfriend and a mate and they smashed the not-for-profit organisation's front door glass panel.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathy Stafford said the trio went to Life Without Barriers on July 17 about 7.35pm in relation to a dispute with someone at the facility over something on social media.

She said Hopkins' girlfriend hit the front door so hard the glass panel smashed and Hopkins threw an item through another glass panel, smashing it which led to a wilful damage charge.

On September 9, a woman was driving along Murray St with her nine-year-old son in the car when she saw Hopkins walking across an intersection.

Sgt Stafford said the woman stopped her car to avoid hitting Hopkins after noticing his behaviour was indicating he was either drunk or impacted by drugs.

"He threw himself on the front of the vehicle," she said.

Afterwards, he ran towards a nearby business and attempted to pull a fence paling out of the ground.

Witnesses intervened and Hopkins ran down towards Gladstone Rd where police located him and charged him with wilful damage and public nuisance.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Hopkins was accumulating quite a few charges for someone his age.

"This (was) outrageous behaviour of throwing yourself at the car the young lady and her child were in," he said.

"You are looking down the barrel of being taken to jail at a very young age."

Defence lawyer Zoe Craven said her client was high on ice at the time of the Murray St incident.

She said during the offending period, his cultural mother had fallen ill and went to Brisbane for treatment and it was during this period he was hanging around "not the best company".

In relation to the other charges, police located Hopkins on Western St on June 22 and when they asked if he had anything illegal on him, he told them about the cone piece he had stashed in his sock.

On June 8, police conducted a search warrant at his place of residence and found a water pipe.

Hopkins received tainted property in the form of credit cards on June 27 and used the card three times to buy items totalling $151.80.

Sgt Stafford said on July 7, Hopkins was released from the watch house on bail and part of those bail conditions included a curfew which he breached on August 16.

He was caught with a clip seal bag of cannabis down the front of his pants on August 18 at 9.40am and then on October 8, police came across him riding a bike without a helmet at 8pm and they found more cannabis - this time tucked in his underpants.

Mr Clarke ordered Hopkins to an 18-month probation order for the drug offences and breach of bail and a suspended head sentence of six-months jail operational for 18-months for the other offences. Convictions were recorded for all offences.

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