Drayden Marou
Drayden Marou Rockhampton PCYC

Rocky boxers size up the competition in weekend tournament

BOXING: Rockhampton boxers packed a punch on the weekend, stepping into the ring for a battle against Central Queensland's toughest.

PCYC coach Des Upton said the tournament had a good turn-out of supporters, all keen to support the 36 fighters.

"(PCYC) had 15 fights and two exhibitions. It was a good night and they were all good fights,” he said.

Coby Campbell
Coby Campbell Rockhampton PCYC

Fighters from Blackwater, Moranbah, Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast, Mackay and Gladstone turned out on Saturday night, and Upton was proud of the efforts his eight boys put in against them.

PCYC fighters Colby Warcon and Joshua Redpath, as well as Joel Hepburn and Ryan Wennin went into the club's two exhibition matches, with the boys walking away with trophies each.

"They went really well,” Upton said.

"It was just a true fight, a good sparring session and a good show.”

Fitzroy Martial Arts' Brandt Cogill also brought fighters from his club to compete, and had two fighters go up in another exhibition.

Drayden Marou
Drayden Marou Rockhampton PCYC

Upton said from his club, Jamal Smith fought Mackay's Isaac Berity and won the match "fairly well”.

"Jamal boxes pretty good. He's been a bit sick lately but he came out on top,” he said.

"He's a boxer, is pretty fit and throws a lot of punches.

"They were both 16 years old and in the 60kg division.”

Coby Campbell
Coby Campbell Rockhampton PCYC

Rayden Nicholls also took on Caiden Steinheardt from Archer St Boxing Club, but was beaten due to nerves.

"He was too strong for Rayden,” Upton said.

"He stopped him in the first round. Rayden can fight a lot better than that but he was a bit nervous.

"Caiden is pretty strong.”

Coby Campbell defeated his opponent in Blackwater's Thorpe McOngall.

"Coby won that well. He boxed really well,” Upton said.

"He's going alright. He's pretty smart, has good foot work and hand speed.

"He's only had six or seven fights and has a way to go but he won his first three fights really good.

"He'll go a long way if he keeps going.”

Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith Rockhampton PCYC

Unfortunately Quincy Warkill couldn't be matched when his opponent from Yeppoon pulled out.

"He's only had two fights but he has the making of a good little boxer,” Upton said.

In the main junior fight, Drayden Marou took on Byfield's Ashton Heiniger and delivered an undeniable win.

"Drayden won that fight really well but he's a lot more experienced than poor Ashton,” Upton sad.

"Ashton has only had two or three fights. Drayden is a smart little fighter.”

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch Rockhampton PCYC

Greg Toby and Blackwater's Koby Ellis also stepped into the ring, with Ellis beating the 17-year-old PCYC lad.

"Greg loves to train when he gets there and he's got the potential,” Upton said.

"He's strong. He's got everything.”

The club's main senior fight was between Michael Lynch and Brandt Cogill, with the results going down to a split-point decision, favouring Cogill in the end.

"It was a good decision. There were only a few punches in it sort of thing,” Upton said.

"Brandt is a strong bloke and fought really strong.

"Michael ran out of puff.”

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch Rockhampton PCYC

Upton said overall the night was a huge success, and thanked boxing and MMA members from Gladstone and Mackay, and Ruben Fraser for their help with organising the event.

"I appreciate what they'd done and hope I can return the favour one day. They're good blokes,” he said.

Tournaments like this, Upton said, help build fighters' confidence as well as provide a camaraderie between fighters.

"They bash each other for three rounds, then shake hands and if they're senior, they have a drink together,” Upton said.

Upcoming Events

This weekend, PCYC boxing will head to Moranbah to compete.

The club is also preparing for the Golden Gloves in Townsville on June 22-23 and the State Titles on October 4-5.

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