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Rocky mother caught with weed down her underwear

A MOTHER of eight has faced court after she was caught red handed with drugs in her underwear and stealing a wallet.

Lynessa Michell Abel pleaded guilty to eight charges in Rockhampton Magistrates court last Thursday, including one count of possessing dangerous drugs, one count of possessing property having been used in connection with a drug offence, three counts of fraud, one count of stealing and two counts of failing to appear.

On May 17, at 10.30pm police intercepted a black Hyundai on East St, Rockhampton.

Police observed Abel, 36, place her hands down the front of her pants.

She was told to stop and asked what she had placed down her pants. She told police it was cannabis seeds.

Police then searched the defendant and the vehicle.

During the search, police found about 38 cannabis seeds and green leafy material down the front of the defendant's underwear.

She told police both items belonged to her and identified both as cannabis for her personal use. The cannabis weighed about 0.6g.

During a search of the vehicle, police located a clip seal bag and mobile phone which contained messages believed to be in relation to the possession of dangerous drugs.

Abel told police the mobile phone was hers but did not wish to answer any more questions.

In relation to the stealing and fraud charges, on June 1 at 7.15am, Abel went to the Fitzroy Hotel and asked the victim to borrow $20 for fuel.

The victim gave her the $20 and left their wallet in their bedroom with the door unlocked.

Abel entered the room, took the wallet and left.

The victim first noticed the wallet was missing when they went to purchase stock for the hotel. They noticed three transactions made that morning they did not make.

Abel had made two transactions that morning at Foodworks on George St and another at Foodworks on Main St, Rockhampton, using the victims ANZ debit card.

The transactions made were $43.71, $64.51 and $66.08.

CCTV footage from the Foodworks identified the defendant.

In relation to the two failed to appear charges on July 3, the court heard Abel was fearful of incarceration.

According to her lawyer she had instructed there was some permission with the use of the card but not to the extent that was ultimately used.

The court heard her upbringing was very unfortunate and she was in the care of the state for a significant amount of time.

She received very little formal schooling and got to year 8 before it ended for her.

Her defence lawyer also said drugs had played a significant part in her life.

Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale told Abel that she was right to be worried about terms of imprisonment.

"It's not going to happen today but if you keep going down this pathway that's what's there,” she said.

"I would be very doubtful that anyone is going to be convinced probation is the way that you should go in the future.

"You need to take this opportunity and make the best of it.”

Abel was released on probation for two years with conditions.

Restitution for the fraud was sought and forfeiture was ordered in relation to the dangerous drugs.

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