Rocky needs more soccer refs

FOOTBALL: The year of 2009 was full of mishap and mayhem for Rockhampton’s soccer referees with some out with injury and others, of course, for personal reasons.

But despite this the top referee administrator in Australia, Barry Such, who is also in charge of Rockhampton’s referees, now looks to the future with optimism.

“The numbers were down (last season) from previous years, and I believe they will be down a bit this year too,” Such said.

“However inquiries into becoming a junior referee have risen, so hopefully we can use them in the not too distant future. However senior referees are still needed.”

Rockhampton District Soccer Federation (RDSF) sent out letters in 2009 to people aged 35 and above to help out with the senior and junior games.

Such said multiple complaints were also received last year from clubs and supporters alike, because certain games were left without linesmen and in some cases a referee.

“The ideal dream is for us to have a team of three on at least every game and I appeal to everyone, so we do not go through the controversy of last year.”

One of Rockhampton’s most promising referees is Sam Williams who, after changing his status from player to referee a few years ago, has worked his way up the ranks to referee his first Hyundai QSL game last year.

“Sam’s name is on the so called ‘viewing list’, we are watching him,” Such said.

“However it all depends on Sam, it’s up to his fitness and the way he referees that will determine how far he goes.”

Jacque Leleu, an inspiration to female referees after representing Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, has run a line in senior games of the QSL.

“ We didn’t hear much of Jacque in 2009, however she is back in training and waiting for the season to start,” Such said.

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