Rocky pensioner gutted after plants stolen, police no show

Morris Spinks is gutted after a number of his pot plants were stolen.
Morris Spinks is gutted after a number of his pot plants were stolen. Allan Reinikka ROK101117amaurice

ROCKHAMPTON retiree Morris "Morry" Spinks took a great pride in his little garden, but on Wednesday night callous thieves wrecked that for him.

Mr Spinks and two of his neighbours estimate they had approximately $800 worth of plants stolen from their unit complex.

To makes matters worse, three days later, Rockhampton Police are still yet to attend the crime scene.

"Guess they didn't think we were important enough,” Mr Spinks concluded bitterly on Saturday afternoon.

"It's a bit late now to do anything, I haven't got a sniffer dog to try and find them, some person's got a very nice patio of furniture, flowers and plants.

"It's a bit sad when a poor old pensioner who is scratching by on a pension looking forward to buying a couple of plants every now and then, take a bit of pride in his home and three or four people can came in and rob him of the lot.”

Mr Spinks, 78, was a retired truck driver who has lived in Rockhampton for 18 years, said he'd never experienced anything like this in the seven years he'd lived in Berserker.

"I got up about 5am and opened the back door and there it was, nothing,” he said.

"Nobody seems to know nothing, nobody heard anything, nobody seen anything.”

Morris Spinks is still waiting for the police to arrive.
Morris Spinks is still waiting for the police to arrive. Allan Reinikka ROK101117amaurice

He estimated that between himself and his other neighbours, more than 25 plants were stolen and given the size and quality of the plants, pots and potting mix, it was hundreds of dollars' worth of stolen property.

"I've been trying to figure out for the last two days but I can't remember the names (of the missing plants), I lose a lot of long term memory, the old memory bank's not real good anymore.” Mr Spinks said.

"If I really wanted to, I could probably go out to Bunnings and write down the names of most of them, I'll never see them again so best be forgotten, because the police haven't even turned up yet.”

Mr Spinks said despite three separate reports of the crime to the police, by himself and his two neighbours, they were still awaiting a visit by police officers.

Morry Spinks will have to slowly rebuild his shattered garden.
Morry Spinks will have to slowly rebuild his shattered garden. Allan Reinikka ROK101117amaurice

He surmised, judging by the size of some of his pots, that multiple people were involved in lifting the pots to a getaway vehicle out the front of his property and if the police had attended the scene, they could have gathered some vital evidence.

"There could have been a lead here, the business next door has a security camera that faces out onto the road that they went along, if the police came along they could have had a yarn to the gentlemen up there and probably got some information.”

Mr Spinks was afraid that this sort of theft was not a one-off and suspected there were other victims around the city.

He hoped by coming forward he could help throw some light on the crime.

A Queensland Police Media spokesman confirmed that plants and a garden gnome had been stolen from this address and investigations were continuing and that Police would attend the address when they could.

Further details will become available from North Rockhampton police after business hours commence on Monday.

If you have any information regarding the thefts, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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