Retiree Lorraine Baker speaks out.
Retiree Lorraine Baker speaks out. Leighton Smith

Rocky woman's pre-emptive NBN strike

AFTER seeing her neighbours lose their connection and hearing other horror stories, Lorraine Baker made a pre-emptive strike on the NBN's round-table event joining other concerned residents to seek some assurances.

The retired Park Avenue resident Lorraine Baker, 69, has lived in Rockhampton for the past 29 years and said she came to the community forum to find out more information because she was extremely concerned about the change over to NBN and had been delaying the transition.

"It's going to come to the point when we have no choice,” Ms Baker said.

"After listening to the experiences of a lot of other people who join up to NBN, we don't intend to link up until we can get some guarantee from the NBN that we're going to keep same level of service we have now and we're not going to lose our speed and are not going to have continual drops outs.

"We could be living in false hope if we wait till whenever we're force to link that we're going to get the service we expect.”

Ms Baker said she had heard from many other people who were also having troubles.

"I know that our neighbours who are two house down have lost their land line for a number of weeks when the NBN came to our street.”

Capricorn Enterprise Economic Development Manager Neil Lathlean was also at the NBN round-table event seeking some sort of assurance from the NBN that local businesses wouldn't be cut off for extended periods of time when they made the transition across to the NBN.

"I've got members coming to me asking me what can I do about it and could I make some sort of representation NBN,” Mr Lathlean said.

"I've got businesses disconnected two and three weeks and they could go to the wall.

"We need to have a uniform approach in connecting to the NBN and the change over is instantaneous.”

Mr Lathlean said local businesses needed for there to be no downtime during the change over, it should be done overnight and the connectivity, capacity and speed of the service should be guaranteed.

We've got up to 10 IT members and we're proactive with the broader group of internet providers.

"So we're here to seek out updates on what NBN local is going to provide but also an immediate response to real problems in connections and to what customers are signing to as to speeds for a NBN service.”

The NBN spokesperson said that performance was a complicated matter dependent on a number of issues.

"Speed and reliability issues can be due to a number of factors that are outside of NBN's control, such as the quality of the modem in the home, how much bandwidth the service provider has purchased, their network design and even how much bandwidth they purchased in overseas cables to access content from abroad,” they said.

"This is why it is important the residents and businesses with any concerns should contact their retail service provider in the first instance, who will work with them to determine a solution to their issue.”

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