The new Red Wing bird at the Rockhampton Zoo.
The new Red Wing bird at the Rockhampton Zoo. Contributed

Rocky zoo receives new three new feathered friends

ROCKHAMPTON Zoo has welcomed three new members to its family - an eastern whipbird and two red-wing parrots, in time for school holiday visitors.

Chair of council's parks committee, Councillor Cherie Rutherford, said the three birds have now been released into the zoo's aviaries and were already showing great signs of settling into their new homes.

"We are thrilled to have three new members added to the Rockhampton Zoo family and know that they will be adored by both the zoo's staff and its visitors,” Cr Rutherford said.

The two red-wing parrots didn't have to travel far, coming from the Alexandra Park Zoo in Bundaberg.

They are a new species for the Australian Bush Birds Aviary inside the Rocky zoo, which is home to more than 80 birds across the four different aviaries.

There are more than 30 species of native and exotic birds.

"They're a very striking bird with their vivid green and red colouring so they certainly are an eye-catching addition to that aviary,” Cr Rutherford said.

The new Whip bird at the Rockhampton Zoo.
The new Whip bird at the Rockhampton Zoo. Contributed

The female whipbird, gained some frequent flyer miles as she travelled from South Australia's Adelaide Zoo, as part of the regional breeding program.

She will be a feathered friend for the male whipbird, Jagger, who is four years old and arrived in September 2016 from Taroonga Zoo, Sydney.

"Jagger may only be small but he's quite popular as he really does live up to his namesake,” Cr Rutherford said.

"He struts around the aviary like he owns it, so it's great that he'll have a companion to keep him company now.”

Cr Rutherford is encouraging everyone to head to the zoo and check out all the new animals, including baby chimpanzee, Capri who is now five months old.

To see Rockhampton's newest baby and her mum Leakey being fed, head to the zoo at 3pm.

The Rockhampton Zoo is home to more than 220 native Australian and exotic animals.

"The school holidays are well and truly under way and are always a perfect time to head to the zoo,” Cr Rutherford said.

"Entry is free, so why not head down and meet our three new feathered friends and catch up with all of our wonderful animals.”


  • Two Asian small-clawed otters, Soa and Houdini. Born and raised in Taroonga Zoo, Sydney, and came to Rocky Zoo in 2014. Fed at 2.30pm daily.
  • One Saltwater crocodile, Colonel, 4.3 metres long, born in the wild in Far North Queensland. Two freshwater crocodiles, Victoria and Hahn. Since being in Rocky they have bred two clutches of eggs, all hatchlings have been homed to other zoos around Australia.
  • Six chimpanzees. Cassius, have been in Rocky since 1986. Holly and Samantha came in 2012, all from Australia. Alon and Leaky came in 2015 from Israel and together in February 2018, they had baby Capri. Fed at 3pm daily.
  • Shaun the Koala is fed at 3.20pm daily.
  • Two dingo colonies. In one group there is siblings Flynn, Banjo and Caroline who came in 2009 as pups. Ernie was born in the wild west of Mackay and lost his mum, he came to Rocky zoo in 2014 after making friends at a Mackay mine site. Meeka joined him in 2015 from the Atherton Tablelands.
  • Southern hairy-nosed wombats and common wombats
  • One male and one female cassowary, who are a breeding pair
  • 80 birds in four aviaries with over 30 species of native and exotic birds including macaws, rose-crowned fruit doves, nicobar pigeons and royal spoonbills. The Australian Bush Aviary includes red-tailed cockatoos, major mitchell cockatoos and ringneck parrots. Asian Rainforest aviary includes eclectus parrots, mandarin ducks and moustached parakeets. Bird Flight Aviary feeding time is 2.45pm and Wild Lorikeets are fed at 3.15pm.
  • Three lion-tailed macaques
  • Kangaroos
  • Snakes, lizards and frogs

Rockhampton Zoo is open from 8am until 4.30pm daily.

Entry is free.

Education and group tours are available by appointment. Phone 07 4932 9000 to book.

Run by Rockhampton Regional Council with the help of volunteers and donations.

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