Rocky's fed up with go stop, go

FRUSTRATED motorist Franklin Wood says he's being driven mad by Rocky's red lights.

After a recent trip to Sydney he reckons he got a string of 50 successive green lights in one run - something he says he would never find in Rockhampton.

In a Letter to the Editor last week, Franklin called for the authorities to lift their game with traffic light synchronisation at all times to apply in the Beef Capital.

Main Roads regional director Terry Hill responded by saying there was a system of synchronisation in the city within peak times.

Franklin said he did all he could to dodge the 63 sets of traffic lights in Rockhampton.

“As long as motorists drop their speed they should synchronise traffic lights all the time,” he said.

“It would reduce fuel costs and reduce wear and tear on the car.”

Mr Hill said between 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm, lights on Musgrave Street, Fitzroy Street, George Street, Albert Street, Carlton Street, Queen Elizabeth Drive and Carline Street were synchronised so drivers had successive green lights.

“At peak times we have to give the highway priority which is why they are synchronised, and the department has video surveillance cameras to allow for monitoring and adjusting the lights,” he said.

“Outside of peak hours, traffic is managed by these cameras to allow drivers to travel though two or three sets of lights before getting a red.”

Mr Hill said traffic would not be evenly balanced if the lights were synchronised all of the time.

“It's important to let traffic off the side streets otherwise it would be very hard for people to get onto the highway from those streets.”

ROCKY TRAFFIC FACTS • 63 sets of traffic lights in Rockhampton • Average annual daily total of traffic on Musgrave Street: 22,590 • Yaamba Road: 23,800 • Fitzroy Bridge: 37,219 • Neville Hewitt Bridge: 32,279 • Traffic has increased by 1.5 % per year over the last five years in Rockhampton. • 3% annual growth in population from Gracemere to Rockhampton city. • 2.5% annual growth in population from Parkhurst to Rockhampton city. Source: Department of Main Roads

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