CHASING DREAMS: Co-owner of CQ Aesthetics Jess Welsh will open the doors on September 25.
CHASING DREAMS: Co-owner of CQ Aesthetics Jess Welsh will open the doors on September 25. Boden Hallett

Rocky's newest cosmetic clinic beautifying CQ

JESS Welsh has traded in her country town lifestyle for the opportunity of realising her medical dreams to beautify Central Queensland.

The former Barcaldine woman has been studying in the medical industry since she was 16 years old and recently took a leap of faith in Rockhampton to open her own cosmetic medicine clinic, CQ Aesthetics.

The 26-year-old made the move to Rocky six years ago to become a registered nurse and gain experience at the Rockhampton Hospital in the surgical ward.

Now in her role as the nursing manager at CQ Doctors, Jess has seen the spike in cosmetic treatments in CQ and decided to turn her passion into a reality.

"The cosmetic industry in Rocky is growing and CQ Aesthetics can certainly meet this demand," Jess said.

"I find skin so interesting and love the end result from patients who come in after one treatment and seeing them so blown away."

The fully qualified, registered cosmetic nurse would be opening CQ Aesthetics alongside Dr Geoff Cashion and said they already had a waiting list of people eager for their specialised skills.

"Our high standard of work is what we want to shine in this new business,"Jess said.

"Having an experienced a general practitioner like Dr Cashion working alongside me makes this business really unique.

"You always hear so many bad experiences and stories from people who have had a treatment from someone who isn't certified.

"It's so important clients do their research to find a suitably qualified clinician."

CQ Aesthetics would provide all cosmetic treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers for lips and cheeks, chemical peels, skin needling and microdermabrasion.

Although the industry is typical for women, Jess said men shouldn't be afraid to treat their skin given the harsh CQ environment.

With all the horror stories out there, Jess said the key was honesty and she would never pressure a client into a procedure that wasn't right for them.

"If people are nervous about a treatment I encourage anyone to come in and have a chat completely free," Jess said.

CQ Aesthetics will be needle ready on September 25 at Shop 2, 22 Upper Dawson Rd.

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