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Roo and cat shot with arrows

THE RSCPA was yesterday forced to destroy an adult kangaroo that was suffering in agony after being shot with an arrow on Rockhampton’s CQUniversity campus.

The kangaroo, which stood about six feet tall, had suffered in pain for days after the arrow lodged in its leg.

After putting the animal out of its pain yesterday, RSPCA Central Queensland senior inspector Shayne Towers-Hammond said the attack was the second of its kind in recent weeks.

Mr Towers- Hammond said a cat was also shot with an arrow recently.

The animal survived after being treated by a vet.

Mr Towers- Hammond said in the kangaroo attack the arrow was lodged in its leg for two or three days before the animal was put out of its pain.

“I got a call about 10am on Monday from an administration worker saying a kangaroo was lying in the gardens with what appeared to be an arrow in its leg,” Mr Towers- Hammond said.

“The animal had a huge arrow sticking out of its leg.”

He said he went to the university on Monday. However, the big Eastern Grey had moved off, so he had to return yesterday.

“You could see the arrow head moving in the wound,” Mr Towers-Hammond said.

“It would have been agonising.”

He said the arrow was a target arrow.

“The animal was in a very good condition before being shot,” Mr Towers-Hammond said.

“Slowly but surely the site would become infected.

“This had already started and it was going through an agonising death.”

He said the university was private property with no archery club on its premises.

“If this had been an accident then no one has come forward, you would know if you’ve hit an animal,” Mr Towers-Hammond said.

He said if the person responsible was found the RSCPA would prosecute.

Acts of animal cruelty such as this can be punished with up to two years in prison or a large fine.

The attack follows reports in October that a gang of dog-baiting youths had been responsible for the death of five dogs.

It is thought that the animals were all given strychnine.

An autopsy report from one of the dead dogs confirmed the presence of the deadly poison.

Anyone with information about the attacks on the kangaroo or the cat should call Shayne Towers-Hammond on 0427 595 312.

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