Roof camper has high time on Facebook


A MAN accused of stealing a car and breaking into a Garbutt camping business allegedly took photos of himself up in the rafters of the warehouse, and is also a member of several Townsville alert groups on Facebook.

Geoffrey Robert Thompson, 18, has since been charged with offences relating to the alleged car theft and break-in at Market Direct Campers on Bayswater Rd at 8pm on September 2.


Photo published from Geoffrey Thompson's Facebook page.
Photo published from Geoffrey Thompson's Facebook page.


Police allege Thompson climbed up into the rafters of the warehouse and stayed there for hours in a stand-off with them. They said they were able to coax him down after four hours.

When Thompson allegedly started to rummage through the office of the business, he took selfies of himself and filmed a video of the police waiting down below, which he published to his personal Facebook account.

The Facebook account that allegedly belongs to the 18-year-old also showed him to be a member of a number of Townsville alert and gossip groups on the social media platform.

Townsville police station officer in charge Senior Sergeant Brad Inskip told the Townsville Bulletin after the arrest that police had safely negotiated with the man to come down.

Market Direct Campers manager Nathan Earsman told the Bulletin the following day that he initially saw the man on the ground, but upon being discovered, he climbed up on a caravan and then on to the roof.

"He was using a mobile phone he had taken from us. He was texting on it, and threw it down, smashing the screen and then some time later he came down," Mr Earsman said.

"He rummaged through our office and filing cabinets, but there was no damage.

"I was concerned for my safety when I was in the car on the way there, not knowing what I was going to be facing."

Thompson last appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court last week.

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