MAKING A SPLASH: Darryl 'Shorty' Shorten from Moura will be skiing in round five at Mt Morgan.
MAKING A SPLASH: Darryl 'Shorty' Shorten from Moura will be skiing in round five at Mt Morgan. Contributed

Round five of waterski tournament makes a splash in CQ town

WATER SKIING: Round five of the Waterski QLD Central Region tournament is expected to make a splash tomorrow, with the very first event to be held in Mount Morgan.

The competition will kick off at 7am, with three rounds of N Class Slalom and two rounds of Trick Round to be held at No 7 dam.

The dam is usually restricted with a six-knot limit, however an exemption was made for the tournament by Maritime Safety Queensland with the backing of Rockhampton Regional Council.

Competitors ranging from six to 68 years will be competing, and a wide array of talent and skill will be showcased throughout division one up to the elite division six.

"At the moment we've for 25 people nominated, which is our biggest one so far this season,” director Rob Mitchell said.

"It's an extra five or six people than we normally have which we're pretty happy with.

"There's quite a strong contingent in Rockhampton and we draw from other CQ towns like Blackwater.

"We were in Rocky at the Fitzroy river in round one, then Theodore, then Blackwater for round three, round four was in Moura and in round six we'll be at Theodore again, round seven in Bundaberg and round eight in Mount Morgan.”

Not only did Mount Morgan dam eliminate the fear of skiing past a couple of crocs, but the viewing area would provide spectators with a picturesque view.

"Division six is the beginner division and as they get better and prove themselves, they go up in divisions,” Mitchell said.

"They can go in their first competition this weekend still have a fair chance of winning.

"Division one is the top level with very good skiers. At the moment we only have one division one entry, Rockhampton's Nathan Peterson.

"We had another CQ person but due to work commitments, he may not make it.”

There are medals to be awarded to first, second and third placers for each division, based on the best score out of the day's rounds.

With each higher division, the competition gets tougher.

"To get into division three, you ski with a 18m long minimum rope and ski at 52km/h,” Mitchell said.

"There are six balls you swerve around the the speed continues to build and increased up to the max speed, which in most competitions is 55km/h or higher.

"We shorten the rope to make it harder and then move to division two and one.

"They are always at maximum speed and we just keep shortening the rope. If you're good you can end up with a 10.5m rope, where you need to be lying on your side to swerve around the balls which is very difficult and requires a lot of timing, skill and strength.

"In division one, there are 11 balls and they're a quarter of a mile out.”

Nominations are still open. To enter, visit Waterski QLD Central Region's Facebook page.

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