RSPCA Qld facing highest influx of animals in a decade

RSPCA Queensland is more desperate than ever to find homes for animals.

The animal shelter is currently caring for its highest number of cats and dogs in a decade, with that number expected to rise during the Christmas period.

Shelters across Queensland are way over capacity, with animals being crowded in, fostered out, or transported across the state to other over-capacity shelters.

In crisis situations, RSPCA Queensland rely upon foster carers to help house animals, however families going away over Christmas means they have fewer foster carers than ever.

"It is imperative that we find homes for these animals so we have room to care for the influx of cats and dogs coming in each day over the holidays," RSPCA spokeswoman Amber Preiksa.

"Summer is always the busiest time of year - between the increase of surrenders as people take off for holidays and cat breeding season, every single shelter has been completely inundated.

"We would love for these animals to be able to spend Christmas at home with their new families."

RSPCA are calling out to people to adopt a furry friend from the 880 cats or 759 dogs in their shelters this Christmas instead of buying from pet shops or breeders.

Adoption fees have been drastically lowered to $20 for cats, and $99 for dogs in efforts to find homes for as many animals as possible.

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