RSPCA says Rocky council pound euthanising strays too fast

RSPCA Queensland CEO Mark Townend has unleashed on the Rockhampton Regional Council for jumping too fast to euthanise stray animals.

Mr Townend said Rockhampton was one of only a handful of councils left in the state that did not run an adoption program through the pound.

"Most have an adoption program, they need to get their act together and join 2015," he said. "Really that's their moral responsibility. Gone are the days of just executing animals to reduce the population and their workload."

Currently the adoption process in Rockhampton is championed by outside organisation, Capricorn Animal Aid.

Mr Townend applauded the organisation's efforts but said the council needed to give more support and resources to help re-home strays.

"They use the Capricorn Animal Aid but they are a charity, and are a small group with a certain capacity. They are overloaded," he said.

"All councils say they are strapped for resources, but adoption programs are animal management 101.

"They need to make sure that poor little charity isn't stretched out."

The CEO applauded the council for its efforts in preventative animal measures such as desexing and owner education but said the "key" part of saving more lives needed to be addressed.

Rockhampton Regional Council saw 945 dogs pass through the pound from January 1 to July 31 this year, and euthanised 311.

In response to these issues, Rockhampton Regional Council said they worked closely with external groups.

"Council works closely with a number of local animal rescue groups and interstate agencies to ensure as many animals as possible are rescued," council said in a prepared statement.

"By adopting through the rescue groups this ensures the animals are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, registered and have a committed family to go to - which in turn helps reduce the cycle of unwanted pets."


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