Rural ratepayers should have driveable roads

BRAD Carter was on radio recently, talking about the additional rate charge of $350 for roadworks, saying that if people wanted roads, they would have to pay extra for them.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that your rates already had a road component charge factored into it.

I wonder if Brad Carter has considered the fact that rural ratepayers pay rates for virtually nothing in return, other than roads that are dangerous to drive on and destroy vehicles - both caused by lack of regular maintenance.

Rural ratepayers do not enjoy services in their areas such as sewerage, rubbish collection, guttering, street lights, town water and only get grading of these dangerous roads, if and when someone threatens to sue the council for personal injuries received from using these roads.

The amount of rural rateage that rural property-owners now pay should be enough to be entitled to drive on decent rural roads in safety, without being robbed once more!

Many years ago, when the former Livingstone Shire Council imposed an illegal road levy, I questioned this impost, saying that the rates then paid by rural property-owners were enough to ensure decent roads and asked what were we getting for our rates.

I was informed that rural rates went to urban areas so that we could enjoy the services in urban areas.

I countered this argument with “do urban ratepayers contribute to rural roads when they use them?”

The reply was a phone slammed down in my ear.

Amalgamation propaganda claimed it would be cheaper for the people but it has turned out to be the greatest con to be pulled on people.

Pensioners and ordinary people are being taxed out of their homes and lifestyles.

I know I have harped on this subject many times before and I will harp on until people's apathy and stupidity ceases.

The removal of people's right to own property is a criterion of globalisation and Fabianism and is being achieved with the apathy and stupidity of people and duplicity of our politicians, no matter what their political colour is!

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