READERS DISCUSS: Safety around schools and hotspots

THIRTEEN schools across Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast have had flashing lights installed in the past two years, with six more schools to receive lights by June next year.

We asked on Facebook: Which school zones do you think need more safety measures put in place?

Toulouse Dunbar - Feez St does coming off the round a bout pp forget to stay at 40 up that hill and the cops stand just past the lights and gets heaps

Shannon Scofield - Lighthouse christian school. Its a high traffic area and the school can go easily unnoticed

Ross N Tracey Hood - road line marking and lane alignment outside Glenmore schools are not too great

Bronwyn Welburn - Crossing for nth Rocky we've been asking for years now I think it's pretty slack

Tim N Mel Barrett - North Rocky high definitely needs a crossing

Shelly Fern Harris - Esp @ Waraburra state school. The police make a fortune there already its a hotspot for them. Ppl just don't seem to care about the safety of the children it seems.

Liza Jane Beattie - All the schools at gracemere!

Debbie Maclean - Great idea ! I don't have grand children at school so flashing lights Helps me be aware of the school zones. When you drive in unfamiliar areas you don't know where school zones are. Flashing lights alert you.

Melinda Robb - About time. Hopefully berserker school where my kids go will get them soon. It's a great idea.Maybe it will give ignorant drivers an incentive to slow down and not cause any accidents or deaths.

Tammi Hallowell - The camera/signs which display the drivers speed is a huge deterrent also. It's a visible reminder to slow down (sadly because some people care more about the possible fine than the kids).

Sharron Payne - Berserker school and St Andrews school both need the flashing lights!

Kath Feelingstupid - All schools. No bias. People, including parents speed through school zones all the time. There's no excuse, they just think they won't get caught. Permanent speed cameras.

Debbie Meiers - When will a pedestrian crossing be put at North Rockhampton State High? When my daughter has to go straight to work from school she has a real battle trying to cross Berserker St. All other high schools have at least one, why not us? Or lights.

Lydia Kennedy - The North Rockhampton special school on Dean S.

Tammy Knobel - Agreed. Lighthouse Christian School on Norman Rd definitely needs them. Most people don't even know there is a school there.

Sue Grayson - The lighthouse school on Norman Rd could go a set of flashing lights. Speed radar police are regularly set up there.

Pene Harris - Speed cameras too.

Roslyn Svensen - Will this do the lollipop ladies out of a job. They do an amazing job. Received a letter from Bruce Young saying they would be installed at Lakes Creek. Must be an election on the way.

Matthew John Bethel - apparently it takes rocket science to figure out the time and what speed to do around schools.

Kellie Leigh Carey - About time :)

Sue Grayson - And a big, broad, yellow zig-zag spray-painted across both lanes on the road in the school zone. I've seen this in other towns, and you'd have to be asleep not to notice it.

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