THE public vote on same-sex marriage will cost the Australian economy half a billion dollars in lost production and expenses -- at least $6 per voter.

Taxpayers will foot the bill not just for the vote itself but also the for-and-against campaigns in the lead-up to the ballot.

Number crunching by PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia -- considered among the world's most credible accounting firms -- expects the bill to run beyond $500 million.




Fairfax Media reports the vote itself would cost $158 million, plus the $66 million in campaign funding to cover both sides of the argument.

There would also be $281 million lost from the national economy as Australians head to booths to vote.

In total, PwC estimates a cost of $525 million.

"The real costs to government, the economy and members of the community to hold a stand-alone plebiscite are more than three times higher than the numbers commonly quoted," PwC Australia chief executive officer Luke Sayers told Fairfax.

"Total economic costs have not been considered before and should be part of the debate on the best way to achieve a resolution to this issue."



Paul Rushton Just do it and move on to unemployment, the economy, who cares if a couple are same sex... stop wasting money on this

Taran Saunders Why do we even pay these politicians if they refuse to do their job

Stuart Everson Why would thre LQBTIQWERTY movement be afraid to take it to the public for a vote?? This issue is at the core of our society and should not be left in the hands of our bumbling politicans.

Jenna Maree Anyone should be able to get married!!!
Why vote! Just legalise it already!

Mal Ashford Lol Like we get a say in anything that happens really. Voting is a farce
The baboons do what they want anyway.

Dan Bowman I think there are way more important issues for our government to deal with rather than this crap

Cassandra Moran I think the whole hype on cost is a way to stop the vote in the first place, for those who don't want it to go ahead.

Jadeala Amber Blacky Good god thats alot of money !! Just let them get married for gods sake.

Peter Smith I think that it should up to the public just add the question at the next election and if you love someone of the same sex then u should be able to marry just like everyone else. It could be a breach of your human rights not being able to have what others have. I'm not saying it's that or not just putting my view forward

Already there is enough support among MPs to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia if MPs were able to freely vote on the issue.

Coalition figures including Senator Eric Abetz has previously said regardless of the vote's outcome, Coalition MPs would make their own decision on whether to support the reforms.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said at the time that his government would support any decision made by the Australian people, and those saying otherwise were "not living in the real world".

The ballot on same-sex marriage was put in place by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and dumping the plan would require the support of the party room.

Those fighting for marriage equality have long opposed the plebiscite, saying politicians should simply be given the opportunity to have a free vote on the issue.

The plebiscite is due to be held before the end of the year.

Should there be a plebiscite on marriage equality?

This poll ended on 14 March 2016.

Current Results

No! We already know most Australians support it and, besides, it's the right thing to do. Just get on with it!


No! Same sex marriage is wrong and that's all there is too it.


Yes! On this and many other issues as well. Decisions about the Australian way of life should be made by the people, not politicians.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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