Gang attack boy at Stockland

A SHOPPER has told how he watched in disbelief as a gang of teenagers stalked and abused a schoolboy for at least half an hour at Stockland Rockhampton.

The revelation comes as police investigate a sickening gang attack on a 15-year-old girl at the shopping centre.

Both incidents occurred last Thursday – seven hours apart – and there is speculation that the same gang was involved.

The public has reacted angrily to the attack on the helpless girl victim who told this week how she was punched and kicked by numerous members of the gang as others filmed the bashing on their mobile phones.

Police have studied CCTV footage of the attack in a bid to identify the attackers and stamp out the problem of out-of-control youngsters running riot in public places.

After reading about the plight of the girl, Stuart Adams, from Emerald, contacted the Bulletin with details of the abuse of the boy, which he says took place around lunchtime.

“This could have been the same group,” he said.

“There were about 15 of them, aged from about 10 to 17 or 18.

“I could hardly believe what I was seeing. They were stalking a boy who looked about 14. It seemed completely unprovoked and was in clear view of shoppers.

“There was no attempt to disguise what they were doing. He looked very scared and was going from shop to shop to try to escape.

“I saw members of the gang covering various entrances to stores to make sure he couldn’t get away.”

Mr Adams described the events as sinister and said when he read of the attack on the girl, which happened at about 8.30pm, he immediately thought the incidents were linked.

“We saw an initial attack and there was a lot of intimidating verbal abuse and threats outside one of the stores.

“It was very disappointing.”

The grandmother of the girl victim has alleged that security staff stood and watched as she was assaulted.

The girl was bruised around her face and head and was treated first by paramedics and later at Rockhampton Hospital for the injuries she received.

Police say they are hopeful they will apprehend some of the gang members, aided by recordings from security cameras.

Stockland is a popular place for teenagers to congregate during the holidays.

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