Want to make history? Just use this word in Scrabble

GIVE ME A Z: Anna Palmer brushes up on her word skills for the Queensland Scrabble Club’s tournament at Palmwoods on Sunday.
GIVE ME A Z: Anna Palmer brushes up on her word skills for the Queensland Scrabble Club’s tournament at Palmwoods on Sunday. Warren Lynam

OXYPHENBUTAZONE is an anti-inflammatory medication used to treat arthritis.

It is also theoretically the highest-possible scoring word in Scrabble.

All you need is to amass the right tiles, land three triple word score squares, and build on eight already-played and perfectly positioned tiles, and you have yourself a game-winning 1778 points.

The only trouble is, it has never actually been played.

That could very well change for those keen enough to take on players at the Queensland Scrabble Club's tournament at the Palmwoods Hotel on Sunday.

Club president Wayne Willis said there was interest in establishing a Scrabble club on the Sunshine Coast. The closest is at Redcliffe.

More than 15 players from Brisbane will be at Palmwoods to showcase what the club is all about: challenging your mind, building word knowledge and making friends.

Mr Willis has been playing for two decades and said he would be able to stay with people anywhere in the country because of the friends he had made through the game.

His highest scoring word was worth 120 points on three triple squares.

"Word knowledge helps, there is also a bit of tactics and strategy to keep control of the board and there is luck with what tiles you get out of the bag," he said. "Experienced players can keep track of which tiles have been played and what's left to be played."

Palmwoods resident Anna Palmer encouraged online Scrabble players to come along for some face-to-face interaction at the tournament, which is open to people of all ages and skill levels.

The cost is $20 and includes lunch.

Phone Mr Willis on 0415 572 017 for details.



Quizzify - 419 points. Definition: To quiz or question.

Oxazepam - 392 points. Definition: An anti-anxiety drug.

Quetzals - 374 points. Definition: The national bird of Guatemala as well as one of its monetary units.

Quixotry - 365 points. Definition: A romantic or quixotic idea or action.

Gherkins - 180 points. Definition: A small pickle, made from an immature cucumber.

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