Search for Mr Right

Four single girls from Sydney and the crew for Going the Distance a 6 part documentaryexploring the dating scene spent the last leg of their journey in the region.

 Disillusioned with the dating scene in their home town of Sydney they responded to an ad placed by Documentary maker Laticia Gibson (Blue Clay Productions) and set off on a journey that has taken them across the country from Adelaide to Rubyvale wooed and wowed by city, country and coastal men along the way.

Arriving at the Mercure Capricorn Resort Lisa, Amanda, Natalie and Rebecca with film crew set off for horse riding on the beach and golf lessons before relaxing by the pool for lunch and cocktails.

Horse fan, Lisa Phillips a 41 year old Life Coach originally from a small English village was in her element and loved the escape from city life although she hasn't found love along the way.

 "There have been plenty of numbers exchanged but Amanda is really the only one who has met someone," she said.

 Lisa said it had been easy to meet men along the way with the small town of Merrijig a favourite.

 "It was great just relaxing with the locals who were friendly and easy to talk to and the cowboys were adorable."

 Gorgeous girls arriving in anywhere with that out-of-towner glow will always glean some attention but it may seem that the dating scene is the same the country over with city and regional singles consumed with careers and hampered by a changing social tastes when loud music, booze and slick dance moves no longer serve as courting means.

 "I'm pretty much over clubbing so usually I just go down to the pub for dinner and a glass of wine but found I wasn't really meeting anyone new, so going away opens up new opportunities and takes you outside your comfort zone."

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