Police dive squad to search for Chantal in Woolwash Creek

THE search for suspected murder victim Chantal Barnett will extend to Woolwash Creek tomorrow.

The police dive squad will search a 500m stretch of the creek, an estuary that branches off the Fitzroy River in Bowlin Rd.

Rockhampton CIB boss Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Moon said about 40m from where officers from the police diving squad would start their search was where murdered Rockhampton man Robert Martinez's bones were found.

He also said it was possible that floods in recent months could have washed evidence downstream.

The area has been under quarantine for two weeks as police and SES crews continue their searches for the missing Rockhampton woman.

Two weeks ago, a farmer who manages a rural property in Bowlin Rd had unearthed Robert's remains when he was clearing land with a bulldozer.

Det Snr Sgt Moon said over the weekend, authorities had received about 10 Crime Stoppers calls from the public.

These calls were made following the Queensland Government's offering of $250,000 to anyone who could provide information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of Mr Martinez's and Ms Barnett's killer.

Det Snr Sgt Moon yesterday gave an ultimatum to those who knew the person responsible for the deaths of Mr Martinez and Ms Barnett.

"Look inside yourself and come forward with information," he said.

"Are you (members of the public who know the identity of the person responsible) going to be loyal to those who are involved," he said.

"If there is evidence in the water, we will find it."

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