Second show bid shines

NOT a boot was wet nor wiper needed earlier this month at this year's second attempt at the annual Casino truck show.

Originally cancelled due to heavy rain during August, the dedicated diesel fanatics returned to the grounds for another shot at the many titles on offer.

"We had over 70 trucks participate in the show which was a huge effort after we were rained out earlier," event co-ordinator Cherie Holdsworth said.

"While a few competitors couldn't make it back because they had to work, we found there was actually a rise in the amount of visitors.

"Numbers on parade had grown kids and drivers just as stoked about the atmosphere."

New to the industry, the event organiser said she had grown to love the friendly social atmosphere created by the drivers.

"The group really shows the real polite, family-orientated and friendly nature of the industry," she said.

"No one could walk away from the show with anything but a positive view."

In its third year, the show has extended past the traditional show and explores all facets of trucking life in Australia.

"Our major sponsor Adtrans Used Trucks were a boost to everything we wanted to achieve here," Ms Holdsworth said.

For Adtrans Used Trucks, the support is all just part and parcel of supporting the community.

Casino Truck Show 2014 results

Best European: 027 SRH Milk Haulage

Best Peterbilt : 045 Roka

Best Freightliner: 065 CRMackTPT

Best Western Star: 031 KT Haulage

Best Kenworth: 064 CMT

Best Mack : 002 Caltex Energy

Best Heavy Recovery: 028 Barnes

Best Heavy Haulage: 021 Peachey Constructions

Best Log Truck : 016 Greensills

Best Tipper: 017 Sapar Landscape

Best Car Carrier: 024 Carways

Best Tanker: 042 NCPT

Best General Carrier: 046 Viel and Santin

Best Refrigerated Carrier: 044 HFS

Best Specialized: 030 Graham's Concrete

Best Service Vehicle: 059 Flynn TPT

Best Rigid: 029Andrew Ware TPT

Best Cab Over: 037 Hozzi TPT

Best Bonneted: 018 Sapar Landscape

Best Custom Truck: 071 Easters Hauliers

Best Traditional Paint: 056 Watego's Refrigerated TPT

Best Mural: 022 SCUZZTRANS

Best Interior: 022 SCUZZTRANS

Best Rig 0-1 Years: 043 HFS

Best Rig 1-5 Years: 052 KINGSBRAE

Best Rig 5-10 Years: 057 Flynn TPT

Best Rig 10-15 Years: 061 Grainger TPT

Best Rig 20 and Over: 047 Trev Smith

Best Classic: 33 David Hecker

Best Historic: 038 Richmond sand and Gravel

Best Company Display: Brown and Hurley

People's Choice: 050 KINGSBRAE

Rig of the Show: 055 SRV

Best Owner Driver: 061 Grainger TPT

Top five judged elite:

  • 036 Hozzi TPT
  • 013 SRV
  • 067 Bulmers TPT
  • 007 MJS
  • 069 Flynn's

Best Fleet 1st, 2nd & 3rd:

1st Carways


3rd CMT

Most Exceptional Effort:

012 Rowell Logistics

015 Eklund TPT

020 Jarac Industries

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