Serial stalker threatened ex boss, partner, lawyer, cop

DIANNE Maree Kenzler might be behind bars, but her victims will never stop looking over their shoulders.

The 47-year-old mother of two pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton District Court to a string of charges relating to stalking, harassment and violent threats made against a former boss and ex partner as well as threats against her former solicitor and a police officer.

The court heard from 2008 to 2014 Kenzler went on an intense stalking spree harassing multiple victims and their families before she was arrested and remanded in custody in May 2013.

In 2009 The Morning Bulletin reported Kenzler stalked and harassed her former boss for nearly two years after her employment was terminated.

The first stalking began on July 29, 2008, when Kenzler sent a letter to a number of people stating her former female boss was a lesbian.

On January 29, 2009, she recorded a voice-over from a movie that stated a bomb would detonate at the business, killing everyone inside, and left it on her former employer's message bank.

On March 11, 2009, Kenzler recorded another movie grab and played it when the woman answered her phone.

It said: "Don't go to work or you will die".

Other incidents occurred including following the woman while driving, sending threatening letters, giving inappropriate gestures and cutting through the store fence, smashing a window and denting a panel of a truck.

On October 5, 2009, Kenzler pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking in Rockhampton Magistrates Court and was placed on 18 months probation and a two-year restraining order was put in place.

The District Court yesterday heard neither the probation order or restraining order acted as a deterrent for Kenzler and rather she counted down the days until she could start her stalking again.

Crown Prosecutor Dean Jones said on December 9, 2010, the restraining order ended and on December 10 she started offending again.

Mr Jones presented three bodies of charges including four of unlawful stalking with violence and one count each of forgery, attempting to pervert the course of justice and using a carriage service to harass or menace, one count each of unlawful stalking and attempting to pervert the course of justice and nine breaches of bail conditions and one count each of fraud and impersonation.

Kenzler's attack on her second victim began when their relationship ended.

The court heard in the five hours after Kenzler and her partner broke up she sent 30 text messages to her and sent over 200 more in the next month.

She also set up Facebook accounts under false identities to harass her former partner, told her former partner's ex husband she used illicit drugs and was not fit to raise their children and contacted her workplace, a nursing home, and told them the woman had provided her with drugs to assist with a suicide attempt, which led to an internal investigation and the woman was fired.

Kenzler also broke into the home of her former partner and stole two laptops and two gold rings before destroying a television.

She also made eight calls intimidating and harassing her and a ninth call in which she said "Hello, I've had a great thought. I'm going to burn down your house, your kids are going to die, and it's going to look like you did it."

Kenzler also went to her former partner's mother's home and poured petrol over the woman's car, which was parked out the front and wedged an unlit match in the window seal.

Kenzler also called her solicitor and said "I haven't heard from my solicitor, I want my (expletive) life back. If I had two bullets one would be for dick (Detective Sergeant Nick Williams who was investigating the offences) and one would be for you (in reference to her solicitor)."

Judge Michael Burnett said Kenzler's actions were malicious and malodorous and he could not overlook the impact her offences had on her victims.

He sentenced Kenzler to a total of three years imprisonment with a parole eligibility date of July 28, 2015.

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