Series of street parties set for Cyclone Marcia anniversary

WITH the anniversary of Cyclone Marcia just three months away, Rockhampton Regional Council is preparing to commemorate the day disaster struck and a community banded together.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow today announced that neighbours will be able to join together for a series of simultaneous 'street parties' across the Rockhampton Region as part of an anniversary program.

"The havoc unleashed by Marcia brought the region to its knees financially and emotionally, but community spirit prevailed and it is this we want to celebrate," Mayor Strelow said.

"The cyclone saw neighbour helping neighbour and labourers layered with heavy clothing in scorching heat working tirelessly to restore services.

"People checked on the elderly, shared food and power and donated to those less fortunate when they had little to spare themselves.

"It is only fitting that we remember that survival spirit and how disaster brought out the best in people.

"Council is looking for local businesses who will partner with us to help make the street parties memorable. More details will be released shortly."

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