Serving up a cooking challenge

I have never been one to enjoy watching cooking shows on television.

My taste in food is relatively simple, some would say downright bland. I'm not a fan of seafood, curry, chilli or spicy.

From what I have seen on cooking shows, they contain all the ingredients I hate, or I have never heard of.

But one cooking show has me lining up to watch each night, and it has nothing to do with the spice in the recipes.

My Kitchen Rules has a spicy flavour all of its own - and I'm not talking about celebrity chef Manu either.

It's the heat coming off the contestants in the kitchen that is whetting my appetite.

When they finish cutting up their vegies, they stab each other in the back.

Their facial expressions when tasting a fellow competitor's meal can rival even the most displeased look of my kids - and that is saying something.

Best is the look of fear while the judges are sampling their offerings - I love it.

What better recipe for successful ratings than to put all the ingredients of modern society - spite, greed, a bit of good humour, success and a French accent - into the mix.

Watching this show, I might even learn something I can put to use in the kitchen.

Still, I wonder what the show would be like if it were My Real Life Kitchen Rules.

Real families with kids who screw their noses up at strange foods.

Real kitchens with tinned soups and pasta sauce jars in the pantry rather than dishes made from scratch.

Real people who work all day and come home exhausted, and just want to make something quick and easy.

On that show we could learn how to perfect a meal with my son's key ingredient - tomato sauce, or even how to create the ultimate spaghetti on toast.

I can picture it now, someone cooking up a plate of lumpy mashed potato, because that is how they like it, with charcoaled snags from the barbecue.

I wonder how my signature dish would go down with the judges - toasted banana sandwiches and ice-cream.

It is always a winner with the two nine-year-old food critics in my house.

Bon appétit.


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