SES crews on alert, 3000 sandbags ready for wild weather

SUNSHINE Coast SES depots have been stocked with thousands of sandbags and crews will be put on alert, ahead of predicted wild weather and gusts of 90km/h as the region is impacted by a tropical low and possible cyclone this week.

SES local controller Sunshine Coast unit Janet Scott said she was most concerned the region's already sodden ground would leave trees vulnerable to falling in strong winds up to 60km/h and gusts up to 90km/h.

Ms Scott said 3000 sandbags were ready to go in SES depots, and volunteers would be on "semi-standby" from tomorrow.

Most of those sandbags have been stockpiled since before Christmas, but crews may increase stocks in the coming days.

"We're prepared all the time," Ms Scott said.

"We're ready for anything it brings."

While the system is set to bring only small rain totals, the downpours are expected to hit hard and fast.

"There possibly will be a lot of trees coming down," she said.

As it is, the recent consistent wet weather has SES crews called to 1-3 properties "practically every day", mostly to help sandbag homes where roofs had started leaking.

It comes after a series of damaging weather events since the storm season began, including the concentrated storm that turned the Beerwah and Landsborough area into a "war zone" in December.

"We've certainly had a run of it," Ms Scott said.

Ms Scott said the SES was looking to bring in sand piles for the public to fill their own sandbags during major incidents, but likely wouldn't happen this week "unless something major happens".

She said groups would often "struggle a bit" to find personnel during business hours since most of the volunteers worked day jobs, but SES groups would help each other cover the workload, with those numbers enough to cope with all but the worst disaster.

After hours 20 members will be available for each of the Sunshine Coast's eight groups.

SES Sunshine Coast will run a membership drive in the coming weeks, with new recruits to be trained up in disaster aid before the next storm season.

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