NICE CATCH: Luke Smith from Hell’s Anglers with a prime local trout. INSET: Another hard luck story for Scott Beatson after his catch was taken by a shark.
NICE CATCH: Luke Smith from Hell’s Anglers with a prime local trout. INSET: Another hard luck story for Scott Beatson after his catch was taken by a shark. Contributed Rokfishing

FISHING TAILS: Sharks get in on the action for a good feed

WITH large tides and conditions hovering around 10 knots, this weekend should follow recent times and produce plenty of mackerel.

Last weekend there was a whole heap of fish caught from The Rosslyn Bay Harbour walls right out to the wide grounds.

As mentioned above there were serious numbers of mackerel landed throughout the bay. The average angler was getting them on floating pillies, gar or yakkas.

We noticed that all the boats around us were getting hammered by reef sharks in plague proportions.

Funny thing was that I never caught one and my offsider only got two, while the bloke next to us must have had 20 or more.

There were spotties, doggies and spanish in the early part of the day until after the high.

Then as the tide approached low, black jew and grunter came on the chew.

That is another oddity - I have never caught big jew in the middle of the day in shallow spots before.

Once again I have to use a word that isn't in the dictionary to describe our trip.

It was the "funnest" fishing day I've had recently inside Keppel Bay.

The difference between catches appeared to be that the guys using berley brought the fish to the boat above the sharks which were hanging down lower in the water column.

There are too many spots to name them all so I will just say that you can virtually pick a direction and you will come across fish.

The best catches were all made on ground that had bait schools.

Plenty of reefies also made the wider trips well worth the effort with stuff like big nannies and reds taking centre stage.

Some of the best trout around came from the grounds 40-50km from the harbour.

The run in this weekend's tides might be a bit harder to get your gear to the bottom but the fish should still be in quantity.

The Coorooman crew scored a few great fish this week ranging from fingermark, grunter, flathead to bream and whiting.

I find it hard to call it Starvation Creek anymore after seeing the fish that have come out of there in the past year or so.

Corio is fishing okay as well from Waterpark to the Heads.

All the bread and butter species were taken recently.

There were a few blue salmon moving around the white water at the southern part of the entrance into the bay and Fishing Creek.

We use yabbies when we can get them and always have pillies on gangs floating down while throwing lures into the wash.

The Fitzroy as expected is still going hard with king salmon right up and down the saltwater section.

The Port is turning up the usual summer horse bream and a report of a fish caught this week reaching 2.3kg.

Muddies are starting to improve and there are more decent crabs coming all the time. It should by prime in time for Christmas.

Thanks again to Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, The Causeway Lake Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot and Kalka Bait and Tackle, which are the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in. Send your emails or photos in to be eligible for any of our $50 random voucher draws. Contact me at

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