Shirvo's return is bonus for fans

THE return to active duty for James “Shirvo” Shirvington at the Stadium Nightclub on Saturday is a bonus for local fight fans.

Shirvington has a large band of fight followers who should be out in force for the show that is being promoted as the “Malicious Melee”.

The 23-year-old was one of the top prospects of the Hellrazor Fight Club until a serious shoulder injury first limited his ring mobility and then forced him to have surgery.

“It will be good to get back in the ring, this will be my first fight in 15 months,” he said.

“Twelve months is pretty much the minimum of what the doctors gave me (before fighting after the operation).”

The game Shirvington had a shoulder reconstruction 12 months ago but doesn't believe the operation has reduced his confidence or his ability in the ring.

But will his huge following have deserted the fighter after such a lengthy spell out of action?

“I don't know, we'll see how we go,” he grinned.

Shirvington said having a big following is not a distraction when he is fighting.

“You've got remain pretty focused,” he explained.

Now he is heading back to the peak of his powers, where does Shirvington head to next in the sport?

“It depends where it takes me,” he said.

“I still enjoy the training and the sparring.”

Shirvington said he goes into the fight with a little knowledge of how his opponent operates in the ring having viewed a few tapes from his fights.

In his last Rockhampton bout Shirvington met a taller and more experienced Jesse Booth and was beaten on points in a thrilling contest.

Head trainer of the Hellrazor Fight Club, Ruben Fraser, said it won't be an easy return to ring action for his fighter.

“He will fight Darrin Scott, that is the guy who knocked his opponent (Luke Faulkner) out with a head kick in our second show,” he said.

“Shirvo is back to the sharpness he was at and his power has increased.

“I'm hoping he can land a couple of good ones (on Scott) early.”

Shirvington is in one of the 15 bouts taking place with a total of eight fighters from the Hellrazor Fight Club.

Other local fighters taking to the ring will include two Brad Carter trained fighters from the Chaos Fight Club and a Kelly Witchard trained fighter.

Unfortunately another local favourite Joel Eliott will not be appearing this time around.

The first fight at the Stadium Nightclub on Saturday will be at 5pm.

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