COILED: A coastal taipan.
COILED: A coastal taipan.

Shock horror coiled in back yard

THERE'S a reason why Frenchville's Greg Chapman is leaving the maintenance on his back-yard pool for a while.

He has two of Australia's deadliest snakes nesting in his back yard. A scary image, even for an avid horror writer like Greg.

Last week, he was conducting a bit of maintenance around the yard. He uncoiled his hose to fill his swimming pool when, to his horror, he found a coastal taipan coiled in his garden.

He called some snake catchers but by the time they got there, the slippery serpent had already slithered away.

On Sunday, Greg (pictured) and his wife were in the garden again when they spotted a snake, which could have been the same intruder.

This time, it had a mate: another coastal taipan.

Little did they realise, there was also another snake - one which they could not identify - coiled inside a high retaining wall on their property.

By the time Greg called in the snake catchers, the snakes were gone again.

Greg's home backs onto Frenchman's Creek, one reason why they were on his property in the first place.

Reptrix Reptiles' snake expert Jenny Cameron and her husband Wayne were going to set traps at Greg's home sometime this week to try to remove the snakes.

Jenny told The Morning Bulletin because the weather conditions at the moment were warmer than usual for this time of the year, snakes were coming out of hibernation earlier.

Residents with snake problems can call Jenny and Wayne on 0410 680 708.

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