Shock video shows teen brutally bashed for clothes


A GOLD Coast high school student has escaped punishment following a vicious assault and robbery of another teenager caught on film.

The disturbing footage shows an unsuspecting teenager brutally body slammed into the ground, kicked in the head, back and chest and robbed of his shoes, shirt, phone and hat, in Edens Landing in June.

The 15-year-old thug was not charged, merely dealt with under the provisions of the juvenile justice act.

In the footage, someone in the background says "he's going to jump on his head" while the attacker yells "give me all your s**t c**t. Let go of the f**king bag c**t, give me everything."

The victim is slammed to the ground.
The victim is slammed to the ground.

The young man, laying in the foetal position on the ground, gives up his phone, his bag and his shoes. He's clearly outnumbered by a large gang of teens.

"Give me your f**king shirt and your f**king shoes, take off everything c**t."

Dazed from the beating he just took, he simply says "yep" to all the demands.

While the assailant continues to yell at him, another teenager strolls into shot and calmly says "and the watch". The young man hands it over.

Another man walks into frame, takes the shoes and the phone and walks off.

The one who demanded the watch asks the victim what is in his pockets. The victim says, "I have a lighter".

"I want the lighter," someone yells.

The large group stars laughing. "I took all your s**t bro," one says as the teens walk off, leaving the young man shirtless and shoeless.

The teenager was kicked as he lay prone on the ground.
The teenager was kicked as he lay prone on the ground.


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The harrowing vision showcases a growing problem on the Coast, of teens being bashed and robbed for their brand-named clothes and other valuables.

This year alone the Bulletin has written multiple stories about similar assaults and robberies throughout the Coast, from Nerang, Coomera and Helensvale.

Harrison Geppert, 17, who was stabbed to death this month, was being investigated for his involvement in a similar incident at a Gold Coast train station.

While the Edens Landing attack fell out of the reach of Gold Coast detectives, they are well aware of a number of such crimes being committed across the city.

"That is a fairly serious incident at the higher end and we've had them (similar incidents on the Gold Coast)," Child Protection and Investigation Unit detective acting Inspector Chris Tritton said

"They're opportunist incidents and it's people finding soft targets.

Even his shirt was stolen.
Even his shirt was stolen.

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"There's definitely incidents occurring away from (rail lines) as well. I know of some that have not occurred there.

"But, crime will occur where people congregate, obviously when you're a juvenile you don't have access to vehicles, so they're close to transport hubs.

"Whether that be a bus or train station, shopping centres, wherever they congregate."

Insp Tritton said police needed the help of the community to catch the offenders and help the victims.

"As long as we know about it, we'll investigate it to the full extent, as that incident has been.

"We require the assistance of the public that if they see that to advise us and police will respond and take it seriously, because it is a serious matter … no one is down playing how serious these are to the victims."

If you know more about this incident or others, contact Chris McMahon at

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