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'He forced himself on me every night'

HE was a friend of the family, she was a victim from a turbulent upbringing.

Day one of a trial for a Rockhampton man, who cannot be identified but believed to be in his mid-late 20s, began in the Rockhampton District Court on Friday involving five counts of sexual activity with a minor.

After the opening statement from Crown Prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence, the 12-person jury was shown a video of the victim talking to police officers.

The interview went for over an hour as the girl recalled the alleged rapes which happened over several weeks in 2015.

"I was fully drunk the first night it happened. He woke me up and brought me out to the couch," the crying girl told police.

"He started off cuddling me then it led to sex.

"I thought it was my friend but then the alcohol wore off and I realised who it was.

"He forced himself on me every night, we ended up doing stuff that I can't remember. But I would wake up naked and sore."

The girl told the court that a condom was never used and that he knew she was only 15 at the time.

"He did know because my mum had told him and I had also told him," she said.

The complainant revealed to the officers detailed allegations of the sexual acts.

She recalled being downstairs hanging the washing when he approached her, turned her around and forced himself on her without protection.

"I resisted at first but he said 'be quiet'. I remember twice asking him to stop but I didn't say it a third time for fear of getting hit.

"I had to have a shower straight after. He made me promise not to tell anyone."

The court heard, the attacks did not cease after that as she told police of a similar incident in the bathroom. She could not stand up afterwards.

Court was adjourned and will resume on Monday with live witnesses.

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