NO ONE deserves to be targeted at their own school, but as one Bundaberg family have sadly discovered, children in the community are facing this very situation.

A 13-year-old student who attends Kepnock State High School recently became a victim of bullying, when his peer approached him and proceeded to punch him in the side of his head repeatedly.

The victim, who the NewsMail has chosen not to identify, did not retaliate but eventually placed his arm up to block the punches, before others pulled the offending student away.

Parents of the victim said when they first brought it to the school's attention at Kepnock State High School, they felt the issue was not taken seriously.

They were then forwarded the shocking video footage of the incident, which was recorded on a mobile phone by another student who witnessed the attack.

After showing the footage to the school and with no immediate action taken, the victim's mother uploaded the video on social media.

"People commented on the posts and said they were appalled by the behaviour," the victim's mother said.

"The school requested we avoid posting it on social media in the future, but we didn't know what else to do... we feel helpless."

Since the incident happened two weeks ago, the offending student has received a detention for his behaviour.

Parents of the victim allege the student who punched their son had been involved in similar incidents previously, while their son had only ever received three detentions for minor uniform breaches.

"We hear all the time about how schools have a zero tolerance against bullying, but then nothing gets done when they punch someone in the head," the victim's father said.

"If this can be used as an example to help other families who might go through a similar situation, then we are prepared to do that … things need to change."

A spokeswoman from the Department of Education said the matter was being dealt with and the video is currently in the process of being removed from social media platforms.

"The school is working actively with the families involved and the student is being dealt with in line with the school's Responsible Behaviour Plan," the spokeswoman said.

"Like all Queensland State Schools, Kepnock State High School does not tolerate violence in any form.

"The media and the broader community have a responsibility to encourage and support positive behaviours in our young people.

"Continued media coverage and social media posts regarding these kinds of incidents only serves to glorify the negative behaviours displayed in the videos."

The incident comes after the Department of Education released data earlier this month, revealing Kepnock State School handed out the most suspensions out of all other Bundaberg schools, last year.

It showed Kepnock issued 310 suspensions in the first semester, followed by Bundaberg State High with 206 and Bundaberg North State High with 110.

In the second semester, Kepnock again placed at the top with 201 suspensions, followed by Bundaberg State High on 184 and Bundaberg North State High on 114.

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