Shopper helps girl hit by car

IT WAS the “scariest sight” young Michelle Boyce-Voss had seen.

Yesterday the 13-year-old stood trembling, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she recalled how her best friend had been struck by a car just minutes earlier.

Michelle, who was working at her family's Mt Archer Convenience Store on Frenchville Road at the time, said she had just waved goodbye to Sarah Broadhurst, who was on her way to the bus stop.

Michelle served a customer and when next she looked through the front window - right on 10am - she saw her friend hit.

“I saw it all,” she said.

Customer James Sullivan heard the sound and raced out of the store to help the young girl.

Michelle said he lifted her from the roadway and moved her onto the grass, while she phoned for the ambulance.

“I didn't know if she could breathe or not,” she said. “They told me paramedics were on their way.”

Michelle ran over to her friend and told her not to eat or drink anything and that help was on its way.

Later, she thanked James for his quick-thinking and action.

“He should get free food from our shop for a year,” she said.

James was humbled when Michelle called him a “hero” and said his niece had been hit by a car some time ago.

An ambulance spokeswoman said Sarah was complaining of abdominal and hip pain and was taken to Rockhampton Hospital.

The spokeswoman said her injuries were not life-threatening.

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