Shorten: no carbon tax under my government

LABOR has gone into damage control as it continues to deny leaked reports it is planning on introducing a revamped carbon tax if successful at the next election.

The report revealed Labor had produced a briefing paper proposing a two-pronged carbon tax on industry and Australian households.

The paper includes proposals for vehicle emission standards, laws governing power plants and household energy efficiency targets.

Labor says the leaked document was as a briefing paper and not policy.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said on Thursday that Labor was considering a policy on climate change.

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He said Australians understood the importance of climate change.

"We are not going to bring back the carbon tax as that matter was decided at the last election," he said.

"Labor is determined that future generations of Australians do not have a more polluted environment when we can handle this matter now.

"We believe in strong action in renewable energies, we believe in an emissions trading scheme and working with the rest of the world, not dragging behind the rest of the world.

"Climate change is real and we should be doing our bit to make sure we can keep downward pressure in terms of the warming of the world and the heating of the climate."

Flinders University politics and public policy spokesman Dr Haydon Manning said introducing any type of carbon tax or emissions trading scheme was a poisoned chalice.

"For Labor to walk down that path would be deadly electorally," he said.

"An emissions trading scheme itself is not that controversial, there is a very good economic argument to implementing one.

"But is it is an issue that has had an unfortunate history in Australia."

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said on Thursday there was no difference between a carbon tax and Labor's mooted emissions trading scheme.

"They will not call it that, but if it works like a tax, if it looks like a tax, if it hurts like a tax and if it taxes like a tax, it is a tax," he said.

"They said they would bring back an ETS, which is a carbon tax, they are bringing in an ETS, it is there in black and white."


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