Silent attack on mother who wanted to use daughter’s laptop

A YOUNG woman who threw ornaments, a lighter and an ashtray at her mother has been fined $750.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on September 16 to one count each of wilful damage, breaching a domestic violence order and not complying with police requirement.

Police prosecutor Jess King said the woman, who lived with her mother in Rockhampton, was in the study with her mother at 10.30am on September 1, logging onto a laptop to allow her mother to use it.

“After a few minutes, without warning, the defendant hit the victim in the forehead with a closed fist, causing the victim to feel some pain and dizziness,” Ms King said.

Ms King said the defendant did not acknowledge the incident.

She said the victim picked up her phone and ran outside where she contacted a family member/witness and asked them to return to the house.

Ms King said the person returned and spoke with the victim at the front gate.

She said the defendant then moved to the veranda where she lit a cigarette.

Ms King said the witnessed asked the defendant what was wrong, but the defendant ignored her, picked up a lighter and threw it towards the victim.

She also threw a ceramic ashtray at the victim and continued staring at the victim without saying anything.

The victim entered the house to collect belongings, the defendant walked around the loungeroom towards the victim, and the witness told her to stop it.

The victim left in a car.

The defendant threw an ornament on the driveway, smashing it, and returned inside for another ornament to repeat the actions, twice more.

The three ornaments were worth $50.

When talking to police, the defendant said her behaviour was out of character and did not know how her mother ended up with red marks on her chest.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said his client admitted to “frightening” her mother.

He said his client claimed her mother had been hitting her with a stick.

Mr Gimbert said there was a possibility his client had an undiagnosed medical issue that could be linked to the offending.

Acting magistrate John Milburn said he accepted there was more going on other than the prosecution facts.

“Striking an older person is never a good thing, particularly when it’s your mother,” he said.

Mr Milburn ordered the defendant pay $750 in fines and $50 restitution. No convictions were recorded.

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