Audience members wear masks as they follow actors between five floors of a warehouse.
Audience members wear masks as they follow actors between five floors of a warehouse. The McKittrick Hotel

Sleep No More is a next level kind of experience

YOU can go up or down, Maximillian whispers in your ear.

With just a split second to decide, you rush up the stairs.

There's room after room carefully decorated with readable books, openable drawers and museum-like artefacts.

The children's bedroom, with blood all over the sheets, is the first giveaway that something more sinister has happened here.

Like you, there's others with Scream-esque masks wandering through the rooms created in this five-floor warehouse.

It's not till you see someone without a mask running past that you realise how immersive theatre works.

There's no real trick to Sleep No More - no right or wrong way to approach it.

Some will tell you to pick an actor and follow them throughout the evening.

Others will suggest wandering between the five floors and see what you come across.

Giving away what you will see spoils the fun but this interactive theatre experience is loosely based on Macbeth.

There's romance and tragedy in equal parts through scenes with one or two actors in tiny rooms right through to group affairs involving all the cast.

While other New York visitors are doing the standard Broadway numbers, unable to get tickets to the latest arrivals like Hamilton or The Book of Morman, you can have a mind-blowing and unforgettable theatre experience.

You can't touch the actors and you cannot speak to them or your fellow audience members, but don't be afraid to open any drawer or door.

Keep an eye out for the candy room - those jars are filled with delicious treats for the taking.

And if you're lucky, you might get a special moment with the actors as they drag you through a door that locks behind them.

Sleep No More is almost better if you do it alone because you can choose your own adventure without the influence of anyone else.

If you do it with a partner or friends, don't be afraid to split up and then compare experiences to try to piece it all together at the end.

The end result is that you'll want to do it again because you have no idea what just happened over the preceding three hours.

While there is a pre-dinner option (yummy but expensive) and a bar to debrief afterwards at the venue, there's another New York gem a few blocks over to continue the adventure

The Frying Pan, on the Hudson River, has a boat - make sure you explore every nook and cranny before you sit down for a scrumptious NY cocktail and some late-night snacks.

As you eventually drift off to sleep, you'll still be thinking about the show.

All you know is that you've just experienced something incredible.

But New York is like that.

So much to do and never enough time to fit it all in.

If you think you'll like Sleep No More, there's lots of hype around newer interactive theatre options Then She Fell, based on Alice Wonderland, and The Grand Paradise, a search for the fountain of youth.

But you'll want to book well ahead for any of them.

Or if you're after other masked adventures … check when Camaje is having its next Dark Dining night.

Being blindfolded while eating a three-course meal with wine is bizarre and fabulous.


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