'Sleep with one eye open': Sick man warns wife of murder

A TERMINALLY ill man made a chilling phone call to his wife in which he vowed to spend his last remaining years in prison for her murder.

The Moffat Beach man, who can't be named to protect the identity of his victim, twice breached a domestic violence order made in December last year which ordered him to be on good behaviour in dealings with his wife.

But, on August 14 he sent her three disturbing pictures.

Two showed him attempting to cut and stab his arm; the third was his arm wrapped in a bandage and tea towel with the knife in the background.

Police identified him through the clothes he was wearing in the images and a phone number given to officers by his mother.

Then a week later, the man rang his wife with a dire warning.

"You can sleep with one eye open c***, you'll need to," he said.

"They can give me 40 years for killing you, I don't give a s***.

"I'll be dead in two years anyway."

The man has a history of domestic violence breaches, some of which resulted in imprisonment.

He appeared via video link in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court today where he pleaded guilty to the breaches, but will not be sentenced until next month.

As the man is currently subjected to an Intensive Correction Order, magistrate Ron Madsen requested a victim impact statement from the wife before he made a ruling.

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