Snake warning as temperatures soar


"Monster" pythons and deadly browns have been found creeping into cars, garages and even homes, with more people noticing rogue snakes as they work from home.

Now southeast snake catchers are bracing for a further surge during this week's heatwave.

Josh Castle, of Josh's snake Catching and Relocation, said he'd noticed an increase in call-outs since people had started working from home.

"With COVID and stuff like that, people who work in offices can transport their work to their home (and) they're generally next to a window," he said.

"They look out the window and there's a snake on the window sill."



Mr Castle said that number may increase again, after temperatures rose in a "low-intensity" heatwave" forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology for southeast Queensland over the weekend.

"With the hotter days they're generally trying to get to garages and the garage usually leads inside," he said.

"They are cold blooded but there is too hot for them."

Among the snake retrieval horror stories were instances of deadly snakes in backyards, and a "bloody monster" traversing a two-storey home.

"I found an eastern brown, which is the second most deadly snake on the planet, that was inside a lounge room where a baby was playing, but that was about 12 months ago," he said.

More recently, Mr Castle said he, "had to jump up on a two-storey roof" to retrieve a 3.1m python.

"The thing was a bloody monster."



Mr Castle said he'd also found an increasing number of snakes coiled up in nooks and crannies of cars.

"Suspension, your brake cylinders, rotors, sometimes they'll climb up from the front into the engine as well."

While snake activity was minimal in inner city Brisbane, Mr Castle said he'd noticed a number of snake "hot spots" in the city's outer suburbs.

"Morayfield, Caboolture, Elimbah are probably the biggest sort of areas around my way," he said.

"Belmont for the southside, Tarragindi, and Indooroopilly's also pretty full-on."



Originally published as Snake warning as temperatures soar

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