Sneaking mongrels bait dogs

A GROUP of Denison Street residents fear a gang of dog-killing youths is rampant on their street.

Yesterday authorities confirmed they were investigating complaints of recent dog poisonings.

Residents, who asked not to be identified, said five dogs had died in the past couple of months, including two on the weekend.

It's thought the animals were all given strychnine.

An autopsy report from one of the dead dogs confirmed the presence of the deadly poison.

The residents worry a child could become an innocent victim.

Police yesterday said a complaint had been made and the RSCPA was investigating.

The residents are at a loss to explain why the animals were targeted.

“These dogs haven't been barkers,” a spokesman said.

“We don't know if it's to get rid of the dogs so they can do future robberies or what.

“But we want to let these mongrels know we know what they're up to.

“We are all concerned a child could take the bait.”

They said the dead animals are two Rottweilers, two fox terriers and a cattle-cross puppy which was being trained as a companion dog for someone with sight problems.

Rockhampton RSPCA inspector Shayne Towers-Hammond yesterday said he was aware of a complaint made by a resident on the street and he would be investigating.

Mr Towers-Hammond said there had been “a few” poisonings in Rockhampton, but pointed out not an inordinate number compared to other cities.

He said the most common dog complaint was barking.

“It's ridiculous that someone would kill an animal rather than speak to their neighbour,” Mr Towers-Hammond said.

“We are looking into this one.”

A Rockhampton police spokeswoman yesterday confirmed a complaint was made to police after one of the dog deaths, and a report of other deaths in the area.

Rockhampton vet Greg Muir said anyone who feared an animal had been poisoned should get it treated as quickly as possible.

Mr Muir said common signs included convulsing, excessive salivating, vomiting and an animal acting abnormally.

“Strychnine is an awful way for an animal to die,” Mr Muir said.

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