SOAP BOX: Think before you post on Facebook

SOMETIMES I wonder if people's brains disengage from their fingers when they get on social media platforms like Facebook.

The only possible explanation I can come up with for the nonsense people spout on social media is that they aren't fully thinking through their opinions before mouthing off.

I'm going to name names here.

Facebook user Sasha Gallante was the latest in a long line to grind my gears at the weekend.

On an opinion piece saying the Daniel's Law should be adopted in Queensland she responded:

"Is the law going to be that you shouldn't let your young children catch buses at night to do their Christmas shopping, and instead drive them to the mall yourself."

Now, apart from Daniel Morcombe not being a young child at the time of his abduction (he was a teenager) and him actually trying to catch a bus in the afternoon (not evening), how Sasha Gallante can possibly shift the blame from a depraved murderer onto two loving parents is beyond me.

It wasn't just a stupid thing to say, it was misguided and inconceivably cruel.

Unfortunately, these sorts of comments are thrown around with reckless abandon without any sort of consideration of how they make other people feel.

Indeed, I noticed Bradley Morcombe responded to Sasha to clear up the facts. Needless to say, she lacked the courage to reply.

The lesson is simple: think before you speak.

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