YOUR SAY: Soft parents let themselves, lazy son down

SO what does a mum do with a son who earns $600 a week but refuses to pay rent or do any housework?

Online readers have shared their advice on the question after a frustrated parent asked for advice via SMS to the Editor.

TESTING123, R'ton: Either start taking board off him or kick him out. I know you want to baby him as he is your son, but you're not doing him any favours. Sooner or later he has to realise that things costs money, and he won't be dependent until you force him to become dependent.

PREDICTOR - MOORE PARK: Wow that's only possible in Aussie land. What kind of parent's are they?.. Mate, it's time to chuck him out of the nest or he pays his fair share, no question asked and no buts- as buts don't exist for bludgers!

KERRY-LEET - BERSERKER: Sorry LM, its your own fault - looks like your son has been allowed to do what he wants with no boundaries as a child - nothing has changed now he has grown up. Your sms was just letting your frustration out as you feel sorry for yourself - you already know the answers. I really think that you won't take any of the advice given as it will be too hard for you.

WILDFROG - WALKERSTON: We reap what we sew . Governments and do-gooders gave kids more rights than parents. Chucking them out or denying them food etc doesn't always work. They are often bigger and stronger than the parents and try to ring the cops for domestic violence because the kid kicked door of fridge in and they will laugh at you. They still have more rights than you and they know it.

We built this nanny society and are still extending it as i said we reap what we sew.

FINGA - WARWICK: Kick the bugger out. He'll learn that nothing is free then. He'll learn very quickly indeed. You are doing him no favours by not making him pay for his board. The best thing my parents did was drive me 160kms to a boarding house in the town I was to start my apprenticeship, give me a weeks board and told me to enjoy life. I had to work for everything I own and I've appreciated everything I've been able to 'gather' from then on. Your son will appreciate nothing if everything is given to him.

DILLIGAFF - BUNDAMBA: Toss him out, its just that simple. He has a job, he wont be on the street, you have raised him, your job is done.

STEPHEN WELLINGS - AUSTRALIA: It depends on how much you would like him to look after you when you're older and in need. If you want to be chucked into a cheap nursing home sooner, then push him away sooner.

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