Solider sells meth to undercover cop on Craigslist

A FORMER solider has narrowly escaped prison after selling meth to an undercover police officer from popular classifieds website Craigslist.

A police operation in March 2016 targeting the sale of drugs online came across an ad from Mark Jensen, 29, selling garden rocks and plants, described as "all different sizes like diamonds".

In May, Jensen met with an officer who'd contacted him via email and sold him 1.062g of 74 per cent pure meth for $550.

He told the officer he "always had it" and was just a text message away.

The next month Jensen gave them a further $2400 worth of the drug, with a total of 7.87g being sold.

Jensen offered to sell the officer drugs a further two times, but the sales never happened.

He yesterday pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to five counts of supplying dangerous drugs with his fiance and family supporting him from the gallery.

The court heard Jensen had left the Australian Defence Force in 2010 after a period of active service in which he developed post traumatic stress disorder.

A deterioration of his mental health and lack of support from Veteran Affairs culminated in him developing a meth habit several years later.

Jensen's lawyer Chelsea Emery told the court her client had kicked his drug use, but was still working on alcohol dependence issues.

Judge Gary Long said imprisoning Jensen would have a more "onerous nature" on him than usual given his mental health issues and instead sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment for each offence with immediate parole.

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