Some question if punishments are harsh enough

NOT too long ago it was acceptable to wash your child's mouth out with soap and the cane was part of everyday school life.

Now, many question whether punishments in school and the penalties dished out in court are harsh enough.

We asked our readers which old-school punishments they would like to see legalised and used on criminals. Here are some of your responses.

Fine China: Death penalties

Hohepa Kenneth McKenzie: Depends on the crime?

Michael Mckenzie: Beheading

Lyn Portch: Govt legislate and criminalise everything because of a minority who do wrong when the courts get smarter and more practical instead of political maybe we would see a drop in crime. Kids know they can do what they want with little if any consequences. Gone are the days when the old neighbour could pull yr kid up on doing wrong eg bullying another child or throwing rocks at cars etc and the kid had enough respect to cease and ran off. Now neighbour in court and child the victim

Rhys Jackson: Witch hunts! With pitchforks and flame torches, Medieval and Renaissance stuff

Jack Anthony Blackburn: Queensland was the first state end the death penalty, and should be first to bring it back, otherwise for minor crime should bring back public floggings and stocks

Ned Crispin: Chewing tea spoon of soap... n the cane

Greg Browne: Castration for paedophiles.

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